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Bathroom Remodeling - Giving Bathroom a Face-Lift

By Keith S
The article is about how bathrooms can be given a remodeling to make them more functional and improving their outlook at the same time. It suggests different ways in which it can be done.

Advice on Antiquing Bathroom Cabinets

By Yamini Chowdhury
Ask any homeowner that has made feckless attempts at antiquing painted furniture with a plethora of faux painting methods, and he is sure to recall his experience with trepidation. His tryst with rags and paints is something that he would like to brush aside. After all, it isn't just about applying a stain to a fresh coat of paint in a muted shade, and then just wiping it off with a rag, right?

Should I Update My Bathroom With a Medicine Cabinet, Or Do the Full Enchilada?

By Alana Tanner
It's the last major room in our house that needs an update. The main upstairs bathroom, the primary for the entire house. It's not really a master bath since it's down the hall from the main bedroom, but it does have the only bathtub and is definitely the biggest bathroom we have.

Jazz Up Your Bathroom With A New Vanity Mirror and Medicine Cabinet

By Laura Bramble
Mirrors are a standard feature in bathrooms and powder rooms, both for their practical nature and their ability to visually enlarge a small space. In most homes, builders simply take a plate mirror cut to size and glue it to the wall.

The Practicality of a Double Bathroom Vanity

By Jack M Patterson
Eliminate the conflicts caused by having just one bathroom sink and the lack of storage space by installing a double bathroom vanity. Considered a more practical choice over the single-type vanity, this fixture can easily cater to the needs of a family.